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Lifestyle SunRooms

Canada’s Largest Sunroom Manufacturer

Lifestyle Home Products is Canada’s largest independent manufacturer and installer of three- and four-season sunrooms. Based in Peterborough, Ontario, our sunrooms are 100 percent Canadian-made for the Canadian climate. All of this and more, ensures you receive a high-performance sunroom that provides lasting comfort and enhances your home’s value.

Explore Our Sunrooms

OASIS 3-Season Sunroom

The Oasis three season sunroom is our most affordable sunroom solution.

  • This room is joined to your home and easily closed off by a sliding or storm door when not in use.
  • An unheated sunroom ideal for Spring, Summer and Fall.
  • Engineered from single-glaze, clear-glass panels with the benefits of solar gain.
  • Provides natural light while protecting you from wind, rain, and the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Offers sleek and clean lines, and extra large glass panels for maximum light and visibility.
  • Includes custom manufacturing, quality design and installation.

The room had a glass door that opened to a green area outside, providing a refreshing and natural view.

OASIS PLUS 4-Season Sunroom

The Oasis Plus four season sunroom provides exceptional value, allowing you to enjoy all four seasons from the comfort of your home.

  • It is joined to your home and often accessed by a sliding glass door.
  • Built for our harsh Canadian climate to be used Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.
  • Pre-engineered, high performance, Low-E glass provides optimum climate control.
  • Keeps you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.
  • Features a single-sloped roof, the Oasis Plus Sunroom offers the layout to match the decor of your home.
  • Includes custom manufacturing, quality design and installation.

GRAND OASIS Sunroom Addition

The Grand Oasis four season sunroom addition can be a kitchen extension, entertainment room, living room, or fun room at a fraction of the cost of a solarium or conservatory glass roof addition.

  • It is created by opening up a wall in your home – offering free flow into your home, using your own home’s climate control.
  • Full walls of glass, and 100% effective in all climates, in Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.
  • This pre-engineered sunroom addition wall system from Lifestyle Home Products allows for maximum glass openings.
  • Large glass panels and a front vaulted-glass wall.
  • Includes permitting work, custom manufacturing, quality design and installation.
Made In Canada

Why Lifestyle Sunrooms Are Unique

Aside from an incredible glass package, each Lifestyle sunroom is known for its clean lines. We have engineered our key structural components to be less obtrusive than many other sunrooms, meaning you’ll enjoy wide-open, unobstructed views. Additionally, we are committed to designing a sunroom that meets your home’s unique attributes and available space to provide you with a customized room addition that works for your needs.

There was a beautiful carpet, and a sofa set was arranged around it, creating an inviting and comfortable seating area.
 Sun rays streamed into the hall from the glass, filling the space with natural light.
Lifestyle SunRooms

Sunroom or Solarium: What’s the difference?

Traditionally, a solarium refers to a room that is completely enclosed by glass, including the roof; greenhouse-style rooms are a perfect example. A sunroom, on the other hand, has full-glass walls with a traditional roof structure. This architectural combination is crucial in Canadian climates that receive rain, ice, and snow.

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Three Sunroom Models. Unlimited Possibilities.

The experts at Lifestyle Home Products manufacture three kinds of customizable sunrooms to suit different budgets and uses. In each case, we work with you from start to finish to create and install your ideal room addition. The following links further delve into the sunroom additions we offer.