The Oasis three season sunroom is our most affordable sunroom solution.

  • This room is joined to your home and easily closed off by a sliding or storm door when not in use.
  • An unheated sunroom ideal for Spring, Summer and Fall.
  • Engineered from single-glaze, clear-glass panels with the benefits of solar gain.
  • Provides natural light while protecting you from wind, rain, and the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Offers sleek and clean lines, and extra large glass panels for maximum light and visibility.
  • Includes custom manufacturing, quality design and installation.

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Read Our Reviews

Here’s what some customers have to say about Lifestyle Home Products.
“I respect Brian Baeumler who endorses Lifestyle. That got me researching Lifestyle’s sunrooms. I initially thought about an atrium, but was told a sunroom would be easier maintenance in our climate. I received quotes from three other companies as well. I’m happy I went with Lifestyle. We love our sunroom addition. It’s a big part of our home.”

Susan S.

Tampa, FL

“We wanted a custom-built sunroom that would complement our backyard. I wanted a room that would take the place of a cottage setting close to nature. We chose a three-season sunroom for spring, summer and fall. We are very happy we went with Lifestyle. The quality is great. Without a doubt, it has become our favourite room.”

David H.

Tampa, FL

“We’ve been with Lifestyle for more than 20 years. They installed our windows and a new roof. My son has a Lifestyle sunroom and suggested one for us. My husband and I now wish we had done this sunroom earlier. Everything is perfect. We enjoy it so much.”

Ernestine R.

Tampa, FL