The Best Performance in Vinyl Windows

Lifestyle Home Products manufactures superior CSA®-certified, Energy Star®-validated and harmonized-tested replacement windows. Based in Peterborough, the company manufactures vinyl replacement windows in myriad of shapes and styles. Here are the key components that have Lifestyle taking the lead:

1. Vinyl Frame
The thicker and heavier each vinyl window frame, the longer it will last. Lifestyle boasts a .075” thick wall constructed with Pure Virgin Powder and uPVC sun resistant agents.

2. North American Made Roto™ Hardware
Lifestyle is committed to its guarantee as a company that does not use offshore parts. Roto hardware ensures a better window system that will last longer and ensure ease of operation. It adds to the aesthetic styling, quality performance, and optimal functionality of Lifestyle windows.

3. Exceptional Glass Package
Lifestyle offers three superior glass packages to suit individual needs. Each offers Hi Performance Low-E glass, either Argon or Krypton Gas to stop heat transfer, combined with a “super spacer” seal to prevent condensation, mold and heat transfer. Lifestyle vinyl windows block up to 90% of harmful UV rays. They also guarantee R values of up to 10 – as good as some walls in your home.

A Lifetime Warranty and Peace of Mind
Lifestyle is so confident in its windows and installation experts that they guarantee that your window installation will last a lifetime. The economical price is the added benefit. Lifestyle eliminates the middleman price by manufacturing and selling its own premium vinyl replacement windows to you at factory prices. You can have your present windows inspected, with new windows measured, manufactured and installed without leaving the comfort of your home.

Contact Lifestyle Home Products for a free quote at 1-800-465-0593.

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